About Cornwall Community Choir

Cornwall Community Choir started in July 2009. The ultimate aim was to get people singing in a network of community based choirs throughout the county.


If you enjoy singing - CCC is the choir for you. Unlike many community choirs, Cornwall Community Choir is very different in that it has a full time professional musician conducting it, with professional accompanists. We don't teach people to learn music "by ear" - we provide singers with music and encourage people to pick up basic music reading skills as they go along. ***Although we encourage people to learn some pieces from memory, we don't have a problem if someone finds this difficult and needs to use words or music as an aide memoire!


TV programmes such as  "Last Choir Standing" and "The Choir " featuring Gareth Malone have done a lot for the world of choral singing in recent months. There are pop choirs, school choirs, male voice and ladies choirs, church choirs and community choirs, the vast majority of which meet in an evening, but there are also a lot of people who aren't doing any singing at all. Many of these people are free during the daytime.


Neil Shepherd formed a small chamber choir (Laudate) with 12 singers in March 2009. Neil also conducts the Bristol based "Schola Cantorum" Choir.  His "Local Vocalz" group in Hayle has some 40 members and his "Falmouth Vocalz" has approximately 30 members mainly in the 20 to 65 age bracket, although there are a few outside of that age range too!


The first meetings of the Cornwall Community Choir were held in the summer of 2009 with daytime rehearsals during term time. There are various daytime groups running in Penzance, Falmouth/Penryn, Helston, St Ives/Hayle, Liskeard and Truro. Everyone is welcome. We welcome interest from people from all walks of life - young people at college, young mothers and fathers at home during the day, retired and semi-retired people. Our rehearsal venues are wheelchair friendly and easily accessible for people with mobility difficulties!


Neil would be interested in hearing from other choir trainers, accompanists and community musicians who may be interested in becoming involved with the choir. Additional accompanists are sometimes needed from time to time.


To register your interest, please contact Neil Shepherd on 07446 492266 or use the "Contact Us" button


Alternatively, just turn up at one of our rehearsals where you will be made to feel very welcome!












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